A portrait of the founders of Phantom Row: Erica and Raquel

✦ Where nostalgia meets reverie ✦

Phantom Row is a remedy for the fatigue of modern-day living. Mundane existence can transform under these two sisters' poetic craftsmanship to inspire a more intentional lifestyle. They exist where nostalgia meets reverie — from here their products are born.

We are a lifestyle brand handcrafting goods for the home, body, and spirit through a dark lens of the vintage, gothic, and romantic. Run by two witchy sisters, Raquel and Erica, everything is made between their hands, small batch, with intention and detailed care in Katy, Texas. 

What began as Raquel's solo endeavor in 2020 has evolved into a family business with hundreds of enchanting goods shipped around the world.



We revel in the beauty of slow living. To find the charm in small moments of daily life and create rituals to foster more. We started Phantom Row to spend our time making elegant, quality things with the utmost intention. We hope having a piece of this in your space will spark a romance with yourself, your dreams, your life ✨

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