A portrait of the founders of Phantom Row: Erica and Raquel

✦ nostalgic and practical comforts ✦

Phantom Row is the creative endeavor of us two sisters, Raquel and Erica, located on a haunted island off the Gulf coast of Texas. Every product is made between our hands in small batches, with intention and detailed care. 

Our vision with Phantom Row, both in our goods and our storefront (coming soon!), is to guide customers from the often cold and sterile modern world into a sacred state of meaning, ritual and beauty. We wanted to create the space we desired most — one of ease, nostalgia, and dark delights.

Thus, our humble credo was born: “Nostalgic and practical comforts.” Items that are beautiful, yet useless, have no place here.  But products full of soul, of perspective; that are useful and functional in everyday life? Items which inspire and invoke a safe place to land from day-to-day heartaches? That is Phantom Row. Welcome!



We always strive to make the earth-friendly choice at every step of the process from making, to packaging, to shipping. Our creations are housed in recyclable containers (glass, aluminum, tin, paper, cork), made with sustainable materials (100% soy wax, lead & zinc-free wicks), and safely packed to be low-impact (compostable peanuts, water-activated tape, honeycomb paper wrap, recyclable box).



As former graphic designers, all of our labels and packaging are our own creation. Forever inspired by the vintage, magical and macabre, we use historic illustrations and typography sourced or inspired by the wealth of treasures in the public domain (or, in the case of our candles, from a private library of century-old books and ephemera).

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